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Moon Calendar 2018
Spectrum Impressions
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It looks like a normal calendar and you don't need to decipher any glyphs or symbols
Comprehensive and easy to use - this information can help many aspects of your life !
 Working with the natural energies to enhance emotional understanding,
and to benefit personal and professional planning. 
It's easy to live your life in-sync with the lunar and planetary energy !
When things don't happen - an article about getting the timing right
Made in Australia for the Southern Hemisphere
Testimonies from Heavenly Timers 

This is the best Astrological Calendar that anyone can use, but in particular
it has never failed me with those special VOC shaded areas.
Well Done ...absolutely brilliant dedicated work.
Edgar J Winter. "The Wizard of Woombye" Sunshine Coast, Qld. Australia. 

I like the calendar for its clear presentation, artwork, and most importantly, its accuracy!

Sally Kortekaas.  Diploma of Horary Astrology (Peter Burns)




Thankyou Yvette !  Your calendar is amazingly helpful and SO relevent !!

Anna Florenzani




  Spectrum Impressions is a place, or space, where you will find useful information and an ever growing
collection of items which are designed to expand awareness of your spiritual self,
 and to help you make use of ancient knowledge easily in an everyday way, to achieve maximum benefit from what your energy goes into - to help you get the most from life in these changing and often challenging times..
You will also find natural methods of self-help and healing which directly correspond to the signs and
houses of the zodiac - find out what your inherent strengths and weaknesses are and how you can overcome the yucky bits and utilize the better bits of your personality and gifts - these can help you find inner peace and balance while enhancing your natural personality. 
Did you know that each of us are born to a particular sign of the zodiac for a reason !
The evolution of the soul follows the cycle of the signs. Each of the signs, from Aries to Pisces represent stages of growth (similar to the progression of numbered cards within a suit of Tarot) according to our level of consciousness and accumulated knowledge from previous lives, our soul chooses when to incarnate according to the position of the planets and whether this will bring about what we need to further our personal path. 
- This is so that we may experience life with the traits of the sign for the benefit of our soul growth.
Do you know the aspects of your personality ? Or the extent of your potential ?
How do your moods, beliefs, needs, and style of expression convey your true self ?
And what impact does all of you have on others ? And why do you feel, behave, react or hurt the way you do ? 
The Sun-Sign Mandala is the only concise visual reference for understanding people, and
the reasons behind the physical manifestation of the psychological and characteristic tendancies
of personalities according to their most prominent astrological sign.
Within minutes you can find out more about yourself than you ever thought you would know !
Click on your link to the right of the page for a brief look at what you'll find in the Mandala and Guide booklet.
Astrology Mandala Poster ~ The Sun-Sign Mandala
Gives you all the basics - plus more
the only easy-to-read and use visual guide to astrology and the twelve personalities,
the twelve areas of life - and what you can do about it
Spectrum Impressions    Spectrum Impressions
$30 - includes the colour-coded comprehensive guide book
The Pentacle
A protective symbol
with info on the four elements and directions
each of the four elements; air, fire, water, earth have influence
over particular areas of our life. The elements are governed
by spirit ie; the energy we put in to manifesting situations in life.
Spectrum Impressions
A3 - 43cm x 30cm



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